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EP106 | Feat. Emily Best

EP106 | Feat. Emily Best

Emily Best, the founder and CEO of Seed&Spark, shares a fascinating story about the genesis of her company. She explains how she was able to utilize the resources around her to secure 22 lobsters and 60 pounds of coffee to make her first feature film, LIKE THE WATER.

Why Seed&Spark? Emily explains why. Emily also tells us why her company values the importance of having successful crowdfunding campaigns, as well as why successful campaigns are an important part of a creator’s toolkit.

Emily discusses the online course Seed&Spark offers and why it’s important that filmmakers build genuine connections. She explains why anyone can use crowdfunding as a tool to build their careers over time.

We discuss the importance of engaging the audience early during a campaign. Emily also discusses the importance of a good pitch video and the type of impact it has on your audience. She also provides the components of a successful video.

Emily shares how Seek&Spark assists struggling campaigns to ensure their success, as well as the reasons why some crowdfunding campaigns fail. We also explore the reasons why people want to get involved in crowdfunding campaigns, as well as the reasons people do not get involved.

Emily also discusses the importance of inclusion and why filmmakers and film enthusiasts should participate in the Seed&Spark #100DAYSOFDIVERSITY initiative.


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