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EP109 | Feat. Bill Ostroff

EP109 | Feat. Bill Ostroff

Bill Ostroff discusses the genesis of the First Glance Film Festival. We talk about the festival’s incredible 20-year journey (20 Philadelphia, 17 Los Angeles). He mentions the type of films both festivals accept, the importance of submitting “good” stories, making sure your film has excellent sound quality, and the importance of being a festival that represents the independent filmmaker.

Bill has watched more than 18,000 independent films. He explains why he watches every single film that enters his festival before his screening committee. Many of the feature films screening in First Glance Film Festivals receive distribution.

Bill discusses the presence of non-screening award shows and the impact they have on delegitimizing film festivals, as well as how winning awards from these shows do not technically make a filmmaker an award-winning filmmaker.

Bill later shares several critical networking practices every filmmaker should follow. We talk about the genesis of the #SupportIndieFilm hashtag and the importance of utilizing it to boost your signal and how it can expand your reach on Twitter. He also mentions the cool web series that he is developing.


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