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EP112 | Feat. Greg Atkins

EP112 | Feat. Greg Atkins

Greg Atkins shares his love for theater work, as well as the collaborative approach he learned that cultivated great friendships and working relationships. We discuss his appreciation for improv and his enjoyment teaching it — especially as it relates to storytelling.

Grey once had to write 70 scripts for 70 different interactive characters. How? We discuss Greg’s consulting experience with Disney and other major entertainment companies.

Is it easier saying “no” than “yes?” Who should you surround yourself around when you’re navigating this industry? Greg explains in this episode.

Greg and Max share several laughs, as well as a few tequila shots. He mentions a few corporate stage experiences. We also discuss InterActors, the premier company in standardized patient work, which has provided the highest quality training and assessment for the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries.

InterActors is sometimes called “standardize patients,” “simulated patients” or “interactive role-playing.” Their international team of InterActors is highly trained in each mental and/or physical disorder. InterActors are multi-lingual and have acting credits that range from the repertory stage to television, all the way to Academy Award-winning films. Actors? If you are looking for work and are excellent at improv, contact Greg.

This episode will make you laugh……. “ACTORS!”

Contact Greg – Atkinsink.com
InterActors (Acting Gigs) – http://www.senovva.com/services/interactors/#.WKeykBD6AVo

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