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EP113 | Feat. Gabrielle Stone

EP113 | Feat. Gabrielle Stone

Gabrielle Stone, daughter of actress, Dee Wallace, and the late actor, Christopher Stone, talks about the importance of growing up on set, keeping an open mind, and having the support of her mother. We discuss the closeness of her relationship with Dee and the challenge of booking jobs despite her mother’s success and popularity.

Gabrielle talks about her role in the upcoming film, SWELL, and we discuss the impact of self-produced work. Gabrielle also shares her desire to do more work behind the camera.

We discuss Gabrielle’s role in, SPEAK NO EVIL, and the upcoming short film that she wrote, produced, directed, and acts in IT HAPPENED AGAIN LAST.

Gabrielle also shares her experiences on the sets of ROCK PAPER DEAD, GRIEF, DEAD QUIET, and THE COMPETITION.

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