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EP114 | Feat. Justin Key

EP114 | Feat. Justin Key

Justin Key explains how his life transitioned from chickens, cows, pigs, horses, and ponds, to a career in Hollywood. We talk about the first industry job he landed, which was an International print campaign for Walmart. Justin also shares the importance of building a great portfolio and the steps necessary to obtain print work. We talk about the expansion of roles for men of color. Yes, men of color!

Justin discusses the influence of Kevin Hart and Sterling K. Brown. We also talk about the importance of being in a “hybrid state” as an actor. Justin also shares a technique he uses post addition to that every actor can utilize.

Justin is the co-founder of Defying Gravity 101: The Science of Rising Above. We discuss the genesis of the company and the importance of being your own business while utilizing certain key principles to take advantage of our existing capabilities to choreograph our success. Justin explains –– If we put these principles into place, we will understand the inner workings of our lives and have the upper hand in every situation.

Defying Gravity 101: The Science of Rising Above: http://www.defyinggravity101.com/

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