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EP115 | Feat. Burgandi Trejo Phoenix | Part 1

EP115 | Feat. Burgandi Trejo Phoenix | Part 1

Burgandi Trejo Phoenix shares the importance of staying focused and keeping herself focused and busy creatively. She talks about the assistance that she obtained from others when she first arrived in Los Angeles and how that helped her get started in the industry.

Burgandi also discusses the importance of being kind, as well as being yourself. She reminds us not to take rejection personally.

Burgandi is drawn to dark, edgy material. Want to know what her ideal role is? Discover that and much more, including the two published articles (NetWORK…… EMPHASIS ON THE WORK! & ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE, ELIMINATE THE NEGATIVE… (AND DON’T MESS WITH THIS MS. IN BETWEEN!)) that she recently wrote, in this episode.

Please stay tuned for PART 2 of this episode very soon!


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