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EP117 | Feat. Tracey Maye

EP117 | Feat. Tracey Maye

Tracey Maye shares her love for movies and how she got into writing for film. She does not approach screenwriting like a hobby. Tracey approaches it like a career. We discuss her writing process and her writing approach for features and television.

Tracey’s creative processes start with a spark of an idea. She explains that creating dialogue is the most enjoyable part of the screenwriting process. Are darker, edgy characters more appealing to write? Find out in this episode.

Screenwriting makes Tracey feel more connected to the art of writing, but does it make her lonely? Find out in this episode.

Tracey also shares the genesis of RILEY THE SERIES. She tells us about her incredible collaboration with Jennifer Cetrone –– who plays Riley and is its Executive Producer.

Tracey states: “You dream of this and it’s so much better than you could ever even imagine.”

Tracey loves the cast of RILEY THE SERIES and shares who her favorite character was to write. We also discuss the recognition that she has received in festivals, as well as how this adds fuel to her creative fire.

Tracey states: “Sometimes you have to go through the vomit drop to get to the good.”

Tracey is also writing a book. More info in this episode.

Want to hear this mastermind go blank? Tracey shares a chilling story that will take us deep under water, as well as leaves us stranded on a deserted island with her.


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