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EP118 | Feat. Ghiya Rushidat

EP118 | Feat. Ghiya Rushidat

Ghiya Rushidat shares an early fascination with music in motion pictures. Amsterdam was one of Ghiya’s favorite performances, but it was also a performance that started with a very embarrassing moment.

We discuss the impact of technology and the benefits it provides film and music collaborators. What scores and composers influence Ghiya? Find out in this episode.

Ghiya also shares a favorite composition, as well as shares her love for composing for indie films.

Ghiya explains how she connects with her higher self while she’s composing. We discuss her favorite music library.

Ghiya talks about the director/composer relationship. What is the best method of collaboration? Ghiya answers this question during this episode.

Ghiya is scoring a virtual reality game. She’s also recording an album with artists from around the world, a documentary, and meditation and healing project with a group of scientists and energy masters. Ghiya is writing for American Victory Orchestra in Los Angeles and the Arabic Ensemble in Massachusetts.

Ghiya later explains how a popular network violated her copyright.

Ghiya considers herself as a storyteller in every sense of the word.


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