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EP119 | Feat. Lilian Sue

EP119 | Feat. Lilian Sue

Lilian Sue loves indie films. She shares a cool success story about a recent film and PR campaign. Her leadership moved the film from top 30 to top 5. This film also received a development option.

Lilian explains the importance of working with filmmakers and media outlets to present the best light possible for the filmmaker and their film. She prefers to make a connection and have conversations with the people she follows on social media.

“Networking is the cornerstone of what I do.”

Lilian’s brother is one of the biggest influences of her life, as well as Michael Jordan.

Lilian shares her love for video games. She appreciates games with strong storylines, and we discuss some of her favorite games on both console and computer, as well as the current state of virtual reality, and the impact of artificial intelligence.


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