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EP121 | Feat. Ashton Bingham

EP121 | Feat. Ashton Bingham

Ashton Bingham spent most of his childhood making movies and practicing magic. We talk about his first magic gig at the age of 14. We discuss the Magic Castle — a private historic Magician’s Club in Hollywood, and his experience auditioning to become a Magician Member. We also discuss the importance of creating self-produced content and putting your dreams and goals first.

“I had to dedicate so much of my time to doing things that I absolutely hated.”

Ashton shares his very first set experience on the hit TV series, 90210. We also discuss the web series that he co-created, F**KIN’ ACTORS, and being able to be himself and poke fun at himself was one of his most fulfilling recent experiences as a storyteller. We talk about his collaboration with Art Kulik and the recent success of this series.

The viral video Ashton created, HOW TO FOOL A TELEPHONE SCAMMER, has been watched over 50 million times.

We discuss THE VENOM BROTHERS and SIGHTLINE — two short films written and directed by Ashton.

Ashton then shares a terrifying story that put him in a situation where he was held at gunpoint.


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