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EP123 | Feat. Kristina Coolish | Val Emanuel

EP123 | Feat. Kristina Coolish | Val Emanuel

Kristina Coolish and Val Emanuel share an interesting story about how they met on the No Doubt music video set. Val was discovered in a mall. She tells us how this experience led her to a career in modeling, as well as being cast in over 100 music videos soon after.

Find out why Kristina believes models should always receive compensation for their music video work.

We discuss managers, mentors, and agents. Do you need them?

We talk about Val’s latest work, THE SHERIFFS, STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, REBEL (TV-Series), SNOWFALL (TV-Series). We also discuss Kristina’s upcoming role in SPREADING DARKNESS.

Val takes us through the genesis of RoleModels Management — a model agency with social values that was created to build the bridge between models with certain values and brands who are willing to fight for the same good. Val is all about finding talent that has positive images.

Kristina talks about her collaboration with German Rivera and the genesis of Glamhaus — a non-profit agency that fosters cruelty-free initiatives, start-ups, and brands. 

We discuss the importance of healthy eating options, and they both share tips and their views on veganism.

Val is having a tattoo removed in a place that might shock you.


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