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EP124 | Feat. Aaron Quick Nelson

EP124 | Feat. Aaron Quick Nelson

Aaron Nelson talks about his early connection with the film and television industry. He credits his upbringing and the strong women in his life for their support. Their guidance strengthens him.

Aaron passed one of his first professional challenges when he was given the wrong scene to prepare for on set. He explains the importance of patience and not taking everything personally. He also explains that it’s important to make use of every resource and opportunity available.

We discuss Aaron’s roles in CHRISTMAS IN HOMESTEAD, SAINTS & SINNERS and STRATOSPHERE. We also discuss Aaron’s upcoming slate, which includes: 7 PILLARS, KNOCKOUT: THE UNTOLD STORY OF ROYCE CLAXTON, and NOWHERE TO HYDE.

“If you fall, don’t fall backward. Fall forward.”

Aaron is a loving and devoted father and husband. We discuss the importance of finding balance. He also shares his workout routine.

How did Aaron earn his “Quick” nickname? Find out in this episode.



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