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EP125 | Feat. Chloe Raynes

EP125 | Feat. Chloe Raynes

Chloe Raynes explains how internships at RCA and MTV prepared her for a career as a Music Supervisor. She explains how working with students at Tisch School of Arts became her first clients.

We discuss the importance of music licensing from a filmmaker and musician standpoint. Chloe explains why having a great film soundtrack is an essential creative component.

a) When is your music ready for licensing?
b) What are Music Supervisors looking for?
c) How do you increase the odds of getting your music placed in films?
d) Is it ever okay to license your music gratis?
e) How do you get your music to a Music Supervisor for placement in films?

Chloe shares a Music Supervisor’s perspective and answers all of these questions in this episode.

Chloe tries to attend two or three concerts a month. Chloe shares her music interests, and we discuss what’s on her playlist. She also shares her opinion of streaming services.

“Even though I’m a professional in the industry, I’ve always just tried to consume music in the easiest ways possible.”

Should musicians have to pay a fee to have their music placed? Chloe provides insight.

We also discuss technology and the impact it has on music recording and distribution and the importance of the collaboration between the Filmmaker and the Music Supervisor.

“Sharing ideas openly and comfortably, that’s the best kind of relationship you can have.”

Chloe takes us behind the scenes and shares some of her early experiences at a Talent Booker. She has booked over 100+ bands. Wow!


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