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EP127 | Feat. Tonya Kay

EP127 | Feat. Tonya Kay

Tonya Kay was making videos on her VHS recorder at an early age. It wasn’t until she got arrested that she realized she was not cut out for the mundaneness of a 9-5 life.

“Getting arrested was one of the best things that happened.”

Dance lessons and community theater led to training other people for ten years.

“It’s wonderful to be a teacher.”

Tonya always wanted to perform. She had an early fascination with Broadway, and we discuss her performance in STOMP –– a unique combination of percussion, movement, and visual comedy.

“I essentially had lived my dream.”

Tonya shares were touring experience and how life on the road provided her with an opportunity to travel to all 50 states. She also talks about the loneliness and the darker sides of that journey.

Tonya had a unique encounter with a random John Doe in a Porsche that might have impacted her career. Find out what happened in this episode.

We discuss Tonya’s talent for dance and specialty arts. She explains how she learned how to master knife throwing, fire, pole dance, flagging, precision bullwhip, and on-camera stunts.

Tonya credits her workout routine and raw vegan eating habits for keeping her in shape.  We explore her performance experiences with Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Rob Zombie, Neil Patrick Harris, Howie Mandel, Conan O’Brien, and Margaret Cho.

Tonya also discusses the genesis of Pinup Pole Show –– a retro celebration of pole dance, burlesque, comedy, variety, and throwback pinup.

We also discuss her recent acting roles in PUPPET MASTER: AXIS TERMINATION, EVIL BONG 666, EARTHTASTROPHE, and A BETTER PLACE.


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