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EP128 | Feat. Joy Ngiaw

EP128 | Feat. Joy Ngiaw

Joy Ngiaw was introduced to music at a very early age. She has worked on a variety of notable projects and has been fortunate to work as an Assistant Composer on AMERICAN GOTHIC, POWER, CHANNEL ZERO, THE NIGHT OF, BULL, LEGION, and TIME AFTER TIME.

We discuss the importance of networking.

“If it doesn’t match with one person, you will find your circle.”

What does Joy’s creative process look like? What software/hardware does she prefer? Find out in this episode.

Joy shares a beautiful score titled, WINTER (AN EARLY SPRING SOUNDTRACK). We also discuss the Boston Pops NOSFERATU project and how that led to meeting the head of the Valencia Symphony Orchestra, which also led to the upcoming silent film she’s writing for Charlie Chaplin (THE ADVENTURER), which premieres in August.

Joy has worked on five films (LOLO PEPE, PLAZA BLVD, UNCLE EDDY, MAN OF MY DREAMS, and MISS UNDERSTANDING) that are all screening at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.


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