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EP129 | Feat. Alex Lynn Ward

EP129 | Feat. Alex Lynn Ward

Alex Lynn Ward knew she wanted to be involved with everything art related at a very young age. We discuss her appreciation for comedy and how it has opened doors for her in her acting career.

“I love the art form of it. I love constructing a joke. I love writing stand-up for other comics. And I love being in front of a live audience.”

We talk about the politics of a stand-up comedic career, and how she ended up in FORBES magazine after landing an opportunity to create content for WhoHaha.com –– a company founded by Elizabeth Banks.

“The only way they’re going to get something different is if I do what I was born with and didn’t unlearn when people told me that I was too this or too that. I wish I would have just stayed and not have to relearn how to be Alex when I was in my twenties.”

What is Alex’s favorite movie? Did she ever give birth in an elevator? You will be surprised what you discover in this episode!

Is lying ever right? Alex explains in the video (3 LIES YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TELL | ALEX LYNN WARD) she shares, which she created on her YouTube channel.

We also discuss Alex’s roles in IT HAPPENED AGAIN LAST NIGHT, SPADES: FOUR OF A KIND, THE SABLE CORSAIR, and BURGLARS. She also tells us about her amazing hosting experience for Entertainment Weekly live on the red carpet of KONG: SKULL ISLAND.

Alex shares a unique fun fact at the end of the episode that might surprise you.  She is also developing a crush on a celebrity that might also surprise you.


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