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EP130 | Feat. Bri Castellini

EP130 | Feat. Bri Castellini

Bri Castellini discusses her transition from prose writing to screenwriting — she listened to a podcast, which inspired her to become a screenwriter.

Bri shares her education experience and how it forced her to network and learn the language of film. She explains how working for the former President of MTV led to invaluable experience. She also shares her interest for the Z NATION (TV Series) over THE WALKING DEAD (TV Series) due to the trajectory and common goal of the plot.

We discuss, BRAINS (Web Series), the web series she created. Bri also shares a valuable lesson about the do’s and don’ts of crowdfunding. You’ll learn from someone who learned from her mistakes.

Bri and I both also share our love for WriterDuet — a fantastic cloud-based screenwriting program.

Before we wrap, we discuss her latest short film, ACE AND ANXIOUS, and another short film that she plans to shoot later this year.

Bri also shares a very “sharp” fun fact that may surprise you.


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