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EP131 | Feat. Ramsey Denison

EP131 | Feat. Ramsey Denison

Ramsey Denison discusses his transition into the editorial side of broadcast television. What does a normal day as a television editor look like? Find out in this episode.

We discuss his latest documentary, WHAT HAPPENED IN VEGAS, and how a concerned call to 911 led him to be harassed by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and thrown in jail.

Ramsey walks us through the production process of this compelling documentary and he shares the complexity of using drones during production.

We discuss the tragic deaths of Trevon Cole, Erick Scott, and Stanley Gibson — each killed by the hands of police officers. Ramsey claims that some police officers receive six weeks of vacation or more after shooting and killing someone.

We also discuss a fantastic retired police officer that build alliances with communities, which decreased the crime rate.

You DO NOT want to miss this episode!


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