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EP66 | Feat. Helenna Santos

EP66 | Feat. Helenna Santos

Helenna Santos explains the vision behind the creation of msinthebiz.com, a website dedicated to sharing the stories of women in all areas of the entertainment industry with articles written by 250+ female bloggers. She discusses her career as an actress, producer, and writer, as well as informs us of the upcoming feature sci-fi/horror film she is co-writing, producing, and acting in, THE SOUND, which is directed by Barry W. Levy.

Helenna talks about her role in AT YOUR OWN RISK, which is directed by John K.D. Graham and written by Andrew Boylan. She explains the vision behind “Thriving in Hollywood!: Tenacious Tales and Tactics from Ms. In The Biz,” the book she co-wrote with Alexandra Boylan.

Helenna also briefly discusses the importance of effective networking and the “5 Tips for Networking with Filmmakers at Film Festivals” article she wrote on backstage.com.

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