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EP68 | Feat. Edo Natasha & Quantae Love

EP68 | Feat. Edo Natasha & Quantae Love

Edo Natasha and Quantae Love discuss their journeys into the film industry. We discuss their recently released feature film, POPOLO.

Quantae explains the genesis of the POPOLO title and its derogatory origin. He also shares the racism and prejudice that he had to face throughout the process of bringing this film to life. However, with great courage, Quantae and Edo decided to push the envelope on every aspect of the creative process, despite the adversity they experienced during pre-production and production.

Edo and Quantae then explain how POPOLO has become an example of what can be accomplished outside the studio system, in addition to how this film has impacted the locals and inspired them to become more involved in the independent film community.

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