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EP77 | Feat. Maria Giese (Part 2)

EP77 | Feat. Maria Giese (Part 2)

In Part 2 of this discussion, Maria Giese explains the DGA’s attempt to block her efforts to increase female hires. She talks about the Original Six and explains how a Woman’s Steering Committee was created, including a Women’s DGA Facebook page, which was a great resource until members were suddenly removed from the page.

We discuss the Women Directors In Hollywood blog that Maria created and how she received much heat for sharing valuable information on this page.

Maria later explains efforts to create the biggest woman’s summit in Hollywood history for female directors and explains how her efforts were crushed and restored, despite triggering a chain of events that led to her hiring as the Women Directors Category Representative.

Maria then describes the bylaws that were placed on the Woman’s Steering Committee by the DGA to control future elections. As a result, Maria mentions that despite the Guild’s efforts to employ more female directors, there is still plenty of work to be done.

Maria suggests an approach that will promote 50/50 gender equal hiring for directors, an approach that many leading countries around the world are already exploring and implementing.

We later discuss the current state of female commercial directors, as well as the love Maria has for her children.

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